Walking your dog...

People and dogs alike really need regular exercise to keep us physically (and mentally) fit and well. You enjoy walking your dog(s) but there are always those occasions when a hectic life gets in the way....!

Daisy on the sun lounger

Daisy Dane relaxing after

a hard day..

I'll happily step in to walk in your absence - the exercise will do me as much good as it does your dog! I will be out with your dog for the full time agreed - thirty minutes, an hour, hour and a half or whatever. Any necessary cleaning up and drying off in bad weather for example will be done afterwards. I'll also spend some time, probably at least 5-10 minutes, when we get back to your home after the walk to ensure your dog settles down again and is calm when I leave.

I'm intending to be very flexible, so we can discuss your individual circumstances and how I may be able to help Please enquire using the button below or if you prefer,

As a rough guide though, a few basic questions and answers....

When are you starting this service? Initially I will be taking a limited number of short-term bookings, i.e. for periods of only a week or so but a fuller service is planned for the beginning of 2019 so watch this space!

What area will you cover? Most of Merseyside and limited parts of Lancashire and Cheshire. Basically, I live in Prescot, Merseyside and I'm willing to spend up to around 20 minutes travelling. To discuss if I am close enough,

Will you walk big dogs? Absolutely, the bigger the better! BIG dogs are something of a speciality as I've been fostering Great Danes for more than 10 years now!

I have a Staffy/Rottweiler/Dobermann etc. Will you take him or her? Certainly. Although the press and many people without dogs love to hate certain breeds, I consider every dog as an individual and I won't exclude any just because of their breed, size and so on.

My dog is aggressive with other dogs. Is that a problem? If you mean "will I still walk him/her" the answer is probably yes. Of course we'll need to agree how I can keep both yours and other people's dogs safe.

My dog isn't neutered. Some people make what I believe is a very sensible decision NOT to routinely neuter their dogs. So Unlike most other organisations and individuals, I'm very happy to take entire dogs - in fact because of the difficulties faced by their owners, I will give priority to un-neutered dogs. The only restriction is that I will not walk an in-season bitch in public places. Private land, no problem!

Where will you walk the dog? Wherever you prefer. If there's a regular route you walk, park you visit and so on, I'll happily do the same. Or I can use one of my own favourite spots. It's up yo you!

How many dogs do you walk at once? As many as you have. I'm planning to do mostly individual walks "per household" so if you want your dog walked as a group with others, I can't guarantee being able to do that right now.

What do you charge? It will depend on a number of things; how far I have to travel, how often/how long I walk them, are they big or small dogs, very well-behaved or a bit "challenging" and so on. There isn't likely to be any increase for more than one dog that's owned by you or a family member living with you. Click the "enquiries" button below or to discuss further.