Do you need a Pop-In (or should that be a Poop-In?!) Visit?

It may well be that your dog(s) themselves are perfectly happy on those occasions they're left alone for longer periods - but their bladder and bowels aren't, so welcome to the "Poop-In" visit!! (Hey, I'll have you know it took me hours to dream up that one! I did think of saying "A Poop-In means they'll poop out, not poop in" but decided that would be silly....)

"Don't worry, we'll let you know when we need out to poop...."

I can visit your home at a pre-arranged time (or times if requested) and let your pooch(es) out in the garden to relieve themselves - and clean up afterwards of course.

Still on the subject of Poop-In but thinking of the other end... If your dog(s) are used to being fed and given water at certain times then a pop-in is the solution for those occasions when you can't make it home on time. Of course a pop-in to feed would invariably involve letting out afterwards anyway..

Okay, enough "Poop-In", I'll stop now, honestly! smiley

Other purposes of a Pop-In (see, told you I'd behave) may include:

  • To let your dog(s) out in the garden to stretch their legs.
  • You have a puppy or young dog that doesn't like to be left for too long (which is usually about 30 minutes longer than you can manage...!)
  • Your dog is elderly or recovering from illness or injury and needs regular attention.
  • Your dog has a behavioural problem such as Separation Anxiety and can't be left for more than short periods at a time.
  • To spend some time just playing and socialising to "break up a long day".
  • You just want reassurance that your much-loved pet really is ok!

Of course it's possible - or even likely - that there will be more than one reason why a Pop-In may be needed and may last from around 30 minutes to an hour and a half or even more. I'll do my best to be flexible and accommodate you and your dog's needs so feel free to enquire using the button below or if you prefer,