Caring for your dog in their own home...

During the time we were offering boarding in our own home we had more than a dozen dogs, many of them staying with us several times, and I can honestly say all were at least quite settled if not completely settled during their stay. Although we are now unable to offer boarding here, it is still an excellent option for many dogs - depending of course on the quality of the boarding offered! If you're going away though, whether it's just for a day or two or for a longer period, but would prefer your dog to remain in his own familar home rather than use commercial Boarding Kennels or have him stay with somebody else in their home, no problem. I'm happy to come and stay in your home.

Daisy Ridgeback

"I much prefer the comforts of my own home thank you.

Now, when are the treats being served?"

This is an option that might be particularly attractive if you have several dogs and perhaps other pets too that need looking after, or if your pet(s) tend to be stressed outside of their home environment. Please note that my knowledge, experience etc. is only with dogs, other animals big and small are unfamiliar territory for me although to be fair I've figured out which end food goes into - and comes out of - Horses, Guinea Pigs, Cats etc.! (Please don't even think of asking how I am with Snakes or Spiders though!!)

It's important of course that I get to know your dog and other pets - and they get to know me - before I come to stay with them, so I will always try to come and visit at least once prior to minding them for you. Obviously there will not be a charge for this.

Following your wishes of course, I will try to maintain the daily routine your pet is accustomed to which would of course involve feeding, toileting, exercise and playtime, but may also include, for example, continuing basic training for young dog(s) and so on.

As always, please use the button below to contact me or make any enquiries although if you prefer, you can