About Me and Dogs At Home...

First and foremost, it's about helping you care for your dog during those tricky times we all have occasionally when we really need some help, whether that's having someone take them for a walk, pop in to let them out for "pee and poop", feed them during the day or perhaps even just provide a bit of company for your dog on the inevitable occasions they need to be left alone for longer than you really want. My focus is very much on your dog(s) though and how best I can help you look after them.

Who am I, what do I do and what experience do I have?

My name is Allan and at the end of September 2012 I retired from full-time work. Although my background and qualification is in social work, I worked in the NHS for the 8 years prior to retiring. I live in Prescot, Merseyside.


Sophie quickly felt at home...

We've lived here since 1980 and during that time dogs have been a very important part of our lives. Our sons grew up with our Boxers and a Dobermann but from 2004 until very recently we've been involved in fostering, mostly Great Danes, for a breed rehoming organisation. We welcomed our first Dogs At Home boarders into our home in December 2012 and since then have welcomed more than a dozen others, most returning to stay with us on a regular basis although now, very sadly, I've had to suspend indefinitely the boarding service. All of the dogs that have come into our home, whether fosters or boarders, also became part of the family for the time they were with us whether that was for a few hours or a couple of months. Yes, dogs often do find it a little stressful at first in a new environment and with new people, but with a lot of patience and even more TLC we found they settled quickly - Sophie the Great Dane is pictured here some years ogo on just her second day with us!! Dogs At Home never has been, nor ever will be "just a business venture". I enjoy the company of dogs and find working and playing with them relaxing. Of course walking them and running around on the field keeps me active and fit too! I simply want to offer you the opportunity to have your dog cared for in the same way and to the same standard I would care for my own dogs. Hopefully you'll be happy and relaxed in the knowledge your dog is being well-looked after. Your dog will enjoy the considerable attention he or she will get and I'll enjoy the experience and the exercise!!


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